Sample some tunes from my two album projects below ("Play" and "Open for the Holidays").  Another CD, "Here Now" is finally on it's way in early 2019.  There are also a few vids' below if you like - solo, duo and band flavors.  Regardless, thanks for visiting!

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Be who you be - A tune John Gebhart and I wrote.  Not the most prophetic notion, but nonetheless some nuggets of truth in there. ;-) 

Raincloud Blues - At the old LAB in North Seattle (Seattle Drum School).  

Father's Dream - Through the good times and bad, we typically wish for all the best things for those we love. "That's a Father's Dream"

Flock of Beagles - A sample of some of the fun we have when we play around the western U.S. (and have for quite a few years).  As a band, we're the Flock of Beagles... as a duo or trio it's Stevens Rocket, ( )

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More info with the click of a button (or two) regarding CD's past and future, solo performances or gigs as Stevens Rocket (duo/trio), or Flock of Beagles (total guilty pleasure band).  I look forward to connecting.